About Us
Trend Dantel was established in 2000. From establishment to present it became one of the leader companies thanks to its innovative structure. 
Trend Dantel is specialized of producing polyester lace, micro lace, nylon lace, lycra lace, cotton lace, tulle and embroidery.
Trend Dantel has adopted the principle of providing the most economical and quality service to you, our valued customers.
In line with this principle, it expands its customer portfolio day by day with its wide product range.
Trend Dantel can develop designs according to the customer’s request.
We welcome you to visit our company.
We prepared more than 1000 designs for our customers’ selection.

Trend Dantel
Is based on customer satisfaction, guides the product diversity according to the supply and demand situation of the market, and priorities the product and the service quality. Commited to ‘’top quality and on time delivery’’.

Our Mission
  • Offering quality lace products at affordable prices to our customers.
  • Leading the sector with innovations.
  • And to develop business relationships with customers from all over the world. We constantly add new products to our product range.